Feeling stressed? Twenty minutes of meditation could be what you need

Louie meditating

Northern Arizona University employees looking to decompress may find help by attending one of the two seminars being held on NAU’s campus. Gordon Peters, certified transcendental meditation (TM) instructor from Transcendental Meditation Sedona, will be presenting free introductory seminars to interested NAU employees. Peters’ talks will be from noon to 1 p.m. June 12 and 19 in the Large Pod meeting room of the Applied Research and Development building.

TM uses a technique in which the participant sits twice a day, eyes closed, for 20 minutes. By bringing their active minds into a state of near silence, individuals are able to experience a peaceful level of self-awareness, promoting relaxation and the reduction of stress.

Peters’ talks provide an overview as to what TM is, while answering any questions the audience members may have. Employees who attended the 2018 NAU Employee Development Day expressed interest in learning more on the subject of TM and mentioned the possibility of signing up for future classes.

Peters has taught this type of meditation for more than 40 years and has participated in meditation peace interventions around the world. The talks are free and open to the NAU community. Attendees may bring a lunch.