Making a public records request

As a public institution, Northern Arizona University has a responsibility to make information available to the public.

Requests should be made through NAU’s public portal at NextRequest. Users who sign up for a free account on the NextRequest portal can make requests, track their status and download records all in one location. All communications should go through the portal. When making a request, please include as much detail as possible, such as the date range of the request, what specific public record or information is being requested and any other supporting details to assist with identifying the requested records.

Many of NAU’s records are available online. If your request is related to:

As of July 1, 2024, NAU will be charging for all public record requests in accordance with other governmental offices throughout the state. The charging rules are available on the NextRequest portal. For both commercial and non-commercial requests, you will be contacted with an estimate of the expected charges and asked to provide a deposit before we will proceed to gather the records and review them. Payment must be received before records are released.

The NAU PD has a separate public records process. Please call (928) 523-3611 or fill out the release request form and email it to

 Please direct all questions through the NextRequest portal.