NAU Bookstore hosts authors to discuss ‘Tools to Keep You on Track’


With the swimming pool’s cool waters calling out for a swim and warm temperatures and sunny skies begging to be lounged in, hiked in or otherwise enjoyed, summer is a great time to fall behind on to-do lists, world events and the critical thinking required in every college class.

To make sure students and community members don’t get too far behind, the NAU Bookstore is hosting two authors to discuss their “Tools to Keep You on Track,” whether that is keeping people’s budgets and schedules on track or keeping their minds from forgetting everything they learned during the school year.

Jason Makansi started his career as a consultant for the electricity industry before becoming director of research for a hedge fund, leading policy organizations and writing industry-level reports and publications. His book, “Painting by Numbers,” heightens what he calls numerical literacy and helps people better understand and place into context the numbers and data they see in the news and on social media.

Cardinal Point Success Planner with bookmark

Marko Moric created “The Cardinal Point Success Planner,” which encourages a combination of journal-writing and goal-setting. The planners are designed to help users manage their time and money better and accomplish the goals they set for their lives.

The book signing will be from noon to 2 p.m. June 22 at the NAU Book, 1015 S. San Francisco St.  Parking is available in the San Francisco Parking Garage just south of the building.


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