Sustainability Leadership Awards

The Sustainability Leadership Awards, held annually by the NAU Environmental Caucus, honors sustainability efforts on the NAU–Flagstaff campus in the form of 11 award categories; including undergraduate and graduate students, faculty, staff, facility services, and alumni demonstrating outstanding sustainability; sustainable organizations on and off campus; and others. The 2022 awards ceremony was opened by President Cruz Rivera in the 1899 Ballroom, and for the first time was a zero-waste event.

Two of NAU’s most dedicated senior leaders in sustainability, Erik Nielsen and Avi Henn. Erik was presented with this year’s NAU Sustainable Leadership Award.
2022’s nominees for the Sustainable Graduate Student Award, including this year’s winner, Kelcie Kraft (left to right: Kelcie Kraft, Sarah Tabak, and Kiley Feld).
The first, second, and third place winners of the 2022 Sustainable Undergraduate Student Award (from left to right: Taryn Bell, Natalie Pierson, and Paige Strickland).
The students and faculty member (Denielle Perry) responsible for the Secret Garden Atrium, this year’s winner for best NAU Green Fund Project.
The 2022 Sustainability Leadership Award attendees. A zero-waste event, it was held this year in the 1899 Ballroom on the NAU–Flagstaff campus.
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