In the Student Spotlight: Feb. 19, 2021

Kudos to these students

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  • Astronomy doctoral student Ryder Strauss was the first author on the article,The Sizes and Albedos of Centaurs 2014 YY49 and 2013 NL24 from Stellar Occultation Measurements by RECON” published in The Planetary Science Journal. The article discusses characteristics and measurements of the two centaurs and presents an analysis of color photometry from the Pan-STARRS surveys.
  • Astronomy doctoral student Lauren Biddle co-authored the article, “Amplitude Modulation of Short-timescale Hot Spot Variability” published in The Astrophysical Journal. The article presents an analysis of the stochastic small-amplitude photometric variability in the K2 light curve of CI Tau, a Classical T Tauri star.
  • Doctoral student of forestry Derek Uhey, assistant research professor in biology Karen Haubensak and professor of forestry Richard Hofstetter co-authored the article, “Mid-elevational Peaks in Diversity of Ground-dwelling Arthropods with High Species Turnover on the Colorado Plateau” published in Environmental Entomology. The article investigates the elevational patterns of ground-dwelling arthropods in northern Arizona on the Colorado Plateau.
  • Doctoral student in the School of Forestry Daniel Sanchez was selected as the winner of the Arizona Chapter of The Wildlife Society Roger Hungerford Student Award. The award is given to a student who made significant contributions to the management and conservation of Arizona’s wildlife or habitat while attending an Arizona college or university.
  • Ehren Moler, recent doctoral graduate of biology; Julia Hull, doctoral student of biology; Hillary Cooper, doctoral graduate of biology; Jared Swenson, biology master’s student; Sean Perks, undergraduate alum; Kristen Waring, professor of forestry; and Amy Whipple, associate chair for undergraduate affairs and associate professor of biology, co-authored the article, “A method for experimental warming of developing tree seeds with a common garden demonstration of seedling responses” published in Plant Methods. The study developed and validated a method for passively warming seeds as they develop in tree canopies to study climate warming on seedling performance.
  • Freshman tennis player Gina Dittmann earned the Big Sky Player of the Week award, the first of her career. Her overall singles record so far this season is 5-1, beating Utah State 6-4 and 6-3 last weekend.
  • Junior golfer Ashley Croft earned the Big Sky Women’s Player of the Week award after her performance at the Rebel Beach Invitational, the second of her career. Croft tied for No. 12 on the individual leader board, which makes it the 9th top 20 finish of her career.