In the Spotlight: Oct. 2, 2020

Kudos to these faculty, staff and programs

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  • Assistant professor Halit Tagma and senior lecturer Paul Lenze from the Department of Politics and International Affairs co-authored the book, “Understanding & Explaining the Iranian Nuclear ‘Crisis’: Theoretical Approaches” published by Lexington Books. Through a variety of theories, the authors analyze the “crisis” surrounding Iran’s nuclear program and establish academic perspectives to create an objective understanding and explanation of the debates and issues.
  • Amirhossein Arzani, assistant professor of mechanical engineering, co-authored the article, “Super-resolution and denoising of 4D-Flow MRI using physics-Informed deep neural nets” published in Computer Methods and Programs in Biomedicine. The article discusses physics-informed machine learning and was a collaboration with the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee and the University of Magdeburg in Germany.
  • Assistant professor of forestry Matthew Bowker co-authored two articles with professor Bo Xiao of the Chinese Agricultural University, who recently completed a year-long sabbatical visit to NAU. “Estimation of annual CO2 efflux of moss biocrust through measuring and simulating its respiration rate in a semiarid climate” was published in Geoderma and measured respiration rate of moss-dominated biocrust and bare soil along with temperature and moisture for 100 days each in a semiarid climate on the Chinese Loess Plateau. “Biocrusts strongly decrease soil surface albedo, altering land-surface energy balance in a dryland ecosystem” was published in The Science of the Total Environment and studied biocrusts to investigate their temporal dynamics and potential influences on surface albedo and energy balance.
  • David Auty, associate professor of forestry, and Andrew Sánchez Meador, executive director of the Ecological Restoration Institute, co-authored the article, “lidR: An R package for analysis of Airborne Laser Scanning (ALS) data” published in Remote Sensing of Environment. The article discusses the lidR package, a free and open source software designed to facilitate transparent and reproducible workflows for processing ALS data, which is quickly becoming the industry standard.
  • Assistant professor Amit Kumar and associate professor Pamela Bosch from the Department of Physical Therapy were interviewed for the podcast epidsode, “Post-Stroke Rehabilitation Services” on Bridging the Gap. The podcasts covers the topic of health service outcomes related to stroke patients in the acute-care setting.
  • Professor Jane Marks, Ecoss director and Regents’ Professor Bruce Hungate, research professor Paul Dijkstra, and professor George Koch, all of Ecoss, co-authored the study, “The Influence of Leaf Type on Carbon and Nitrogen Assimilation by Aquatic Invertebrate Communities: A New Perspective on Trophic Efficiency” published in Ecosystems. Led by Ecoss alumnus Adam Siders, the study found that invertebrates assimilated more carbon and nitrogen from slowly decomposing leaf litter than from rapidly decomposing litter, challenging traditional ideas about litter quality in stream food webs.
  • Mark Manone, associate professor of practice and chair of the Department of Geography, Planning and Recreation, was awarded the National Geographic Society (NGS) grant. The goal of his project is to create a product that will expand the focus of Power of Data, a highly effective professional learning and development model that helps educators build the skills necessary to design learning activities using an instructional framework called Geospatial Inquiry. Manone plans to include NGS assets and to emphasize the integration and complementary nature of geography and science, increase accessibility and improve the technical literacy of educators in Arizona, New Mexico, Colorado and Utah.
  • Bill Carter, associate professor of practice in the School of Communication, served as the head creator of the Dream Concert, a fundraiser held at the Verde Valley High School in Sedona to support Native American scholarships at 6 p.m. on Oct. 10. The concert will be live-streamed and will feature notable musicians such as The Lumineers, Edward Sharpe, Mike Posner and many more.