In the Spotlight: Oct. 17-21, 2022

Kudos to these faculty, staff, students and programs 

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  • Sandra Bernice Gover was recently appointed to the National Indian Education Association (NIEA) Board of Directors. Gover is a student in NAU’s American Indian School Leadership program, expected to graduate in 2024 with her master’s of education in educational leadership. Serving as a member of the board will allow her to use her voice to make positive changes in the world of Indigenous academia. 
  • Associate professor Laura Wasylenki from the School of Earth & Sustainability and Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry is a co-author on a new paper in Nature Geoscience. The paper, entitled “The biogeochemical balance of oceanic nickel cycling,” aims to explain the marine distribution of nickel, which is an essential trace nutrient for a wide range of marine taxa. The study combined results of culturing studies of Ni-consuming organisms with a computational model of nickel cycling in the oceans. The model was grounded in thousands of Ni concentration analyses of seawater at all depths and all ocean basins. Wasylenki’s contribution to the study was to consider how the Ni distribution in the oceans may have varied in Earth’s ancient past, when different microorganisms were the dominant consumers of Ni and when Ni may have been a limiting nutrient for marine productivity. 
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