In the Spotlight: Oct. 11, 2019

Kudos to these faculty, staff and programs

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  • Dorothy Dunn, an associate professor in the School of Nursing, presented a keynote address, “Strategies to Prevent Burnout, and Podium Presentation: Communicating With Persons Who Have Dementia” at the 2019 NACOG Area Agency on Aging 26th Conference at the Prescott Resort and Conference Center in Prescott.
  • Allen Reich, professor in the School of Hotel and Restaurant Management was selected to be a member of the Administration, Education and Certification Council for its upcoming biennial meeting. Reich was one of two academicians in the U.S. chosen by the Executive Board of Conference for Food Protection (CFP). The council is responsible for CFP’s constitution, bylaws and memoranda of understanding as well as education and certification programs that identify and address problems related to food safety. 
  • NASA’s Solar System Workings panel selected proposals from the Department of Astronomy and Planetary Science.
    • Postdoctoral scholar Andrew McNeill and professor David Trilling were funded for “Mining the Transiting Exoplanet Survey Satellite (TESS) Data Archive for Asteroid Science.”
    • Associate professor Mark Loeffler received a grant for his project, “The Role of Electron Irradiation in the Evolution of Planetary Icy Surfaces.” His proposal focuses on laboratory studies to understand erosion of icy extraterrestrial surfaces using electron irradiation. Robyn Meier, a recent graduate of the Applied Physics Program, contributed to the preliminary data used in the proposal.
  • Professor of astronomy and planetary sciences Devon Burr was elected as a GSA Fellow at the Geological Society of America annual meeting. GSA Fellowship is an honor that recognizes a sustained and distinguished record of contributions to the geosciences and the Geological Society of America through multiple avenues of academic achievements. She and graduate student Tony Maue also presented their research on Mars and Titan geomorphology in several talks.
  • English professor and director of English composition Kim Hensley Owens published two essays. “Writing My Body, Writing My Health: A Rhetorical Autoethnography” was published in Women’s Health Advocacy: Rhetorical Ingenuity for the 21st Century. The second essay, “Your Book Has Arrived! Now What” was published in Explanation Points: Publishing in Rhetoric and Composition.
  • The Master of Global Business Administration through NAU’s Yuma campus was selected by as one of the best MBA programs for the 2019-20 year. The program curriculum focuses on core business competencies in a global context and emphasizes the border issues between the U.S. and Mexico.
  • Senior lecturer of politics and international affairs Paul Lenze, who co-authored “Syrian Forced Migration and Public Health in the European Union” with Christine Crudo Blackburn, gave a book talk with Blackburn at the George H.W. Bush School of Government and Public Service at Texas A&M University.
  • Lisa Hardy, associate professor of anthropology, gave a talk titled, “Narrative and Empathy in Medicine” at the Adult Inpatient Grand Rounds presented by Flagstaff Medical Center. The program’s purpose was to describe current evidence-based changes in treatment and diagnosis of various disease processes and evaluate those changes using a case-based approach.
  • Bradley Butterfield from the Center for Ecosystem Science and Society and Scott Anderson, professor in the School of Earth and Sustainability, authored the cover article for this month’s edition of the journal Ecology produced by Ecological Society of America. The publication “Life history traits predict colonization and extinction lags of desert plant species since the Last Glacial Maximum” explores how traits may help predict species sensitivity to future climate changes in order to look at interventions that could stabilize or promote at-risk populations.
  • Lecturer of visual communication Robert Long was featured in DRAWN: 6th Annual International Exhibition of Contemporary Drawing presented at the Manifest Gallery in Cincinnati, Ohio.
  • Professors Dorothy Wu Nelson and Kristen Swanson from the School of Communication co-authored “Fashion and social networking: a motivations framework” that was published in the Journal of Fashion Marketing and Management in September. The authors examined four social media sites to determine millennials’ motivations for fashion-related behaviors.
  • The Physician Assistant Education Association (PAEA) was awarded a grant worth $476,000 from the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration to aid in the development and assessment of a standardized substance use disorder (SUD) curriculum for PA programs. Physician assistant studies professor Rick Dehn is the chair of the PAEA’s Research Mission Advancement Commission and is the co-program director responsible for assessment and grant outcomes research. The goal of the grant is to ensure graduates can provide the highest quality of care for those with an SUD.