Accelerate into the future at NAU’s Science and Engineering Day

Science and Engineering Day 2017

Northern Arizona University’s faculty, staff and students have the opportunity to share their ideas about the future of science with the Flagstaff community at NAU Science and Engineering Day on Sept. 29.  The event is part of the annual Flagstaff Festival of Science, which has the theme of Accelerating into the Future.

In past years, booths for the event have included Cline Library’s Maker Lab where visitors can experience 3-D printing; the scanning electron microscope, where visitors can view bugs and other objects up close; and a booth for parents to help teach children vocabulary.

NAU Science and Engineering Day will be held from noon to 3 p.m Sept. 29 at the Science and Health building. People who are interested in sharing their hands-on science projects can still register.

Individuals or groups interested in participating can fill out the online participation form by Sept. 8. For questions, call (928) 523-4998. For more information on the 10-day Flagstaff Festival of Science, including a schedule of events, visit the festival’s website.