Scavenging for science: Join the Science Festival’s inaugural scavenger hunt

Chrissina Burke at excavation site in France

You know Flagstaff—but how well do you really know it? 

Grab a group of friends, family or colleagues and test your Flag knowhow at the Flagstaff Festival of Science’s citywide scavenger hunt on May 4. It’s the kickoff for the 35th anniversary of the annual festival, a 10-day event held in the fall that highlights the city’s many contributions to science and engineering, including several NAU innovations and innovators. 

During the scavenger hunt, teams of up to four people will solve clues that lead them to a variety of destinations throughout the city, each home to a scientific treasure. Take a team “usie” at each site, proving you found the right place, then onto the next clue!  

Chrissina Burke, an associate teaching professor in the Department of Anthropology and president of the board of directors, said her zooarchaeology lab volunteers will be helping with the hunt, and they’re all excited to share their study of animal bones from archaeology sites. This year’s theme of Accelerating Innovation (AI—get it?) will bring participants into contact with all sorts of groundbreaking science. 

“We know the world is changing rapidly with technological advances, specifically AI, as we have seen here at NAU,” she said. “So, this year we seek to engage our community with the current science in generative AI and computer science. As always, we also want to get our younger generations into STEM fields, which is a big reason why our board is launching our first scavenger hunt. By bringing families and friends together in a little competitive fun, we can share more about all the amazing scientific work happening in Flagstaff.”  

Register by April 20 to get early bird pricing.   

Hey, NAU teams! Send us your scavenger hunt pictures to be featured in The NAU Review. Email pics to and include a list of your team members. Bonus points (from us, not the festival) if you’re wearing Lumberjack gear!

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