Provocative new lecture series debuts this fall

Ralph Nader

Have a strong opinion about the legalization of marijuana or the existence of God? SUN Entertainment has launched a new lecture and debate series to entice students, faculty and staff to discuss and think critically about modern controversial issues.

The series kicked off with Ralph Nader, former presidential candidate and crusader for consumer rights. Nader spoke at Ardrey Auditorium about “The New Economy—Going Green and the Bottom Line,” and signed copies of his new book, Only the Super-Rich Can Save Us! after the event.

The series is free for NAU students, faculty and staff. Tickets are available at the Central Ticket Office with an NAU ID. JacksCard (NAUID) and ticket are required for admittance.


Sept. 28Legalization of Marijuana debate
Oct. 5Sig Hansen from Deadliest Catch
Oct. 19Existence of God debate
Nov. 4Jeffrey Ma, member of the MIT blackjack team
Nov. 16Evolution vs. Intelligent Design debate