Experience screening, discussion of ‘Patrick Nagatani: Living in the Story’ with filmmaker Lynn Estomin

Patrick Nagatani Flyer

Spend a night entranced by the artwork and story of the late photographer Patrick Nagatani. The NAU School of Communication, with sponsorship from the photography and creative film and media departments, welcomes award-winning filmmaker Lynn Estomin for a screening and conversation about her documentary, “Patrick Nagatani: Living in the Story,” at 6:30 p.m. on Feb. 25.

Estomin uses videography, photography and interactive media to create art that speaks to social issues, motivated by human stories and how they relate to society. She has won multiple awards across art mediums and her work is recognized internationally.

Following the screening, Estomin will share her own stories and talk about the process of producing “Patrick Nagatani: Living in the Story.”

The film documents 35 years of Nagatani’s art-making, exploring his life and his “unorthodox photographic techniques and his subtle weaving together of fiction and fact.” His work concerns modern anxieties, with an emphasis on nuclear weaponry, brought to our attention through the use of imagery and storytelling.

Nagatani was a Japanese-American who never took a technical photography course, but became known for his photographic collages. He was born right after the atomic bomb destroyed Hiroshima, his family’s hometown, which influenced his work’s focus on nuclear weaponry and the negative effects of nuclear energy.

The screening and conversation will take place in the School of Communication, room 119. Admission is free and open to the public.