Office of Native American Initiatives at NAU continues training sessions focused on helping tribal leaders

The Office of Native American Initiatives (ONAI) and Tribal Leadership Initiative (TLI) of Northern Arizona University recently held a conference that discussed tribal leadership. It is part of an ongoing series of trainings designed to strengthen tribal leadership essentials: leadership, management, governance and strategy.

This series of conferences addresses how effective leadership can influence strategic thinking, the current challenges facing indigenous leaders, tribal assets management and the federal Indian policy in Canada and the United States. Participants engage in real-time problem-solving exercises relevant to their unique leadership situations.

“In addition to sessions at NAU, TLI takes leadership training seminars directly to Indigenous nations, on-site and in their communities,” said Chad Hamill, vice president of ONAI. “Each is specifically tailored to meet the localized needs of that nation.”

Although the next conference will not be held until summer 2019, TLI offers executive education sessions for current and emerging Native leaders. Those who are interested in scheduling a session or learning more about these conferences can contact Manley Begay, Indigenous studies professor, at

NAU has a mission to become the leading university serving Native Americans, and ONAI was created to make the mission a reality. TLI focuses on strengthening political, economic and education structures while developing and supporting leaders. TLI offers a graduate certificate program in Indigenous and Tribal Nation-Building, Leadership, Management and Administration.

Tallie Valverde