NAU Theater brings ‘Love Letters’ to stage

Suteras Banner 2

NAU Theater brings Flagstaff theater veterans Tony and Linda Sutera to star in a production of Love Letters, by A.R. Guerney, at the Studio Theater on April 27 and 28 at 8 p.m. and April 29 at 2 p.m.

The story spans approximately 50 years in the lives of Andy and Melissa, childhood friends who, over the course of their lifetime, remained in touch largely through letters. The story is told through their letters, and reveals their friendship and love throughout their separate lives.

“The play is done with the characters reading their letters to each other,” said Cathryn Ellis, associate professor of theater and director of the performance. “The joy of the play comes in listening to them mature, and the challenge to the actors is that they must take their characters through the journey from pre-teens to middle aged adults with grand children, while they sit and simply read the letters.”

The Suteras are regular actors for Theatrikos Theater Group.  They dedicate this production to the memory of Clifford and Doris White, advocates for Flagstaff theater with whom the Suteras enjoyed a long and rewarding relationship for 20 years, said Kathleen McGeever, chair of the NAU Theater Department.

“Both Tony and Linda were lucky enough to share the stage with and be directed by both Clifford and Doris,” said McGeever.  “They had the pleasure of watching Clifford and Doris perform Love Letters in 1997 and again in 1999. They feel honored to perform this play that they consider to be the signature piece of their dear friends and mentors.”

The production is a fundraiser for the Golden Stagehands Fund. The funds allow NAU Theater to expand a set design, costume design, special effects, lighting or sound design, and to open up opportunities for learning and artistic excellence.

The Golden Stagehands was created by theater alumnus Robin Abrams Felton and her husband, Jim Felton, who have agreed to match the funds until Dec. 31, 2013.

Tickets are $10 for NAU students, $14 for NAU employees and seniors and $16 for general admission. For tickets to all events, contact the NAU Central Ticket Office at or (928) 523-5661. Free parking is available in parking lot P13 and fee parking is available in the parking garage 96A.