NAU student film winners showing at Sedona festival

Film spool.

Six films by students at Northern Arizona University will show Saturday and Sunday, Feb. 23-24, at the Sedona International Film Festival.

The films were the winning entries in the spring and fall 2012 Northern Arizona Student Film Festivals, and the fall 73-Hour Film Competition and Festival.

Showings begin at noon each day at the Sedona Performing Arts Center. Films, producers and synopses are as follows:


“Gods of the Flies,” by Danger Charles (showing in front of “Carbon Nation”): Based on Marco Denevi’s “Dios de las Moscas,” this is a short film that takes a look at religious tradition through a compound eye. A series of vignettes linked through narration revolve around the lives and deaths of flies and what may come afterward.

“Fore,” by Alyssa Burkett, Christie Monturo and Delainey Noe (showing in front of “Song of the Spindle”): A visual poem portraying the anticipation of a moment. The beginning half of the film shows the individual moments before the actions occur and the second half are those actions actually occurring.


“Lait,” by Travis Marsala, Jeremy Scott, Tony Moschetti and Alex Leefers (showing in front of “Chasing Ice”): A man goes to the store to buy milk and faces existential dilemma.

“Retrograde,” by Alex Thomas, Zach Russey, Derek Ellis, Michelle Araque and Jessalyn Carpino (showing in front of “Chasing Ice”): A short film about time.

“Outside the Ring,” by Gavin Dunham (showing in front of “Abiogenisis”): Matias Tautimez is in charge of the Pro Wrestling Club at NAU. He loves wrestling yet struggles with the time constraints of running the club and being a wrestler in it.

“Sequential,” by Amanda Kapp (showing in front of “Abiogenisis”): A dance improvisation filmed during the autumn at the Flagstaff Quaker Meeting House. Featuring Cynthia Ahlers and Olivia Beckley.