Nature writer participating in summer reading event at NAU Bookstore

An author who said her life changed forever when she lived in Grand Canyon National Park will be at the Northern Arizona University Bookstore for a Leisure Reading for Summer event next week.

At the event, Nancy Rivest Green will discuss her two books—“On the Brink of Shards,” a novel about a young Anasazi woman trying to save her civilization; and “Stalking the Wild Dragonfly: Stories of Experiences in Nature,” a nonfiction work about her encounters with wildlife and research about the animals in question, including some on the brink of extinction. She gained much of her love for nature and the American Southwest while working as a teacher in the national park, where she lived with her husband, a Grand Canyon park ranger.

Green will be reading from her books and sign copies for attendees from noon to 2 p.m. June 27 at the bookstore, 1015 S. San Francisco St. Parking is available in the garage just south of the bookstore.


NAU Communications