NAU ITS introduces automated faculty and staff meal plan application

Nov. 6, 2019

Efficiency is key in any work environment, and Northern Arizona University ITS has created a new faculty and staff meal plan application that will expedite the application and processing of meal plan requests for full-time, benefit-eligible employees. 

Thanks to the collaboration of Davis Wendt, student employee on the Business Process and Service Management Team in ITS, and Casey Fisher, director of strategic planning and marketing for Sodexo, there is now an automated solution that makes the process of requesting a meal plan easier for full-time employees.

The new application involves an electronic form and workflow that were developed in OnBase, an enterprise tool used to automate manual processes. This system includes two payment options: payroll deduction or loading money into your account with cash or credit. Instead of having to make a trip to the University Union to fill out paperwork, the online application allows employees to choose their meal plan and pay for it hassle-free, all from the comfort of their own desk. 

This new system is expected to make the process of requesting a meal plan smoother for all parties involved: the meal planning office now has less paper to deal with as they have gone fully digital with this OnBase solution, and the benefits department in human resources now receives automated e-mails with the list of payroll deduction applicants that require further processing. 

For more information or to order a meal plan, visit the meal planning office website or call Campus Dining at (928) 523-2372.