Kids will swarm to summer bug camp

Bug Camp

If creepy-crawlers fascinate your children, NAU’s Summer Bug Camp may be just their thing.

During two weeklong summer bug camps, kids age 7 to 14 will learn about insect natural history and biodiversity through a series of fun projects and activities. Campers collect insects, create mazes for bugs, build their own insect and cook and eat insect cuisine.

The camps run from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. during the weeks of
June 25-29 and July 23-27.

The camps are presented by the Colorado Plateau Museum for Arthropod Biodiversity. The museum’s staff, including NAU student curators, lead activities and collecting trips. Summer bug camps take place on the campus of Northern Arizona University and include a trip to the Willow Bend Environmental Education Center, which is an ideal bug collecting spot.

Information is online or call Jacob Higgins at (928) 523-6362.