In the Spotlight: July 24-28, 2023

In the Spotlight: July 24-28, 2023 

 Kudos to these faculty, staff, students and programs 

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  •  CampusEsp named NAU as its 2023 ESP MVP. NAU’s proactive effort in supporting the Hispanic community has earned them a climbing Hispanic and first-generation population in their campus. By transitioning to a Spanish-friendly interface, they were able to support students from the community from their first admission’s steps to creating an inclusive environment by providing resources along their four-year experience in college. 
  • Melanie Drain, undergraduate research intern, Kyoungmee “Kate” Byun, associate professor of interior design and faculty leader, and Shandiin Lake, a research intern, were sponsored by the Office of Undergraduate Research and Creative Activity (OURCA) to present at the Environmental Design Research Association (EDRA) conference in Mexico City, in June. Enabling them to establish connections, spark discussions for future studies regarding their research on design and architecture all while immersing themselves in a different culture. 
  • NAU earned a spot in the American Indian Science and Engineering Society (AISES), special college issue 2023–2024 edition, featuring the top 200 colleges for Indigenous students. In a continues effort to grow an Indigenous inclusive community in NAU, the issue helps remark statistical information and data about NAU and many other colleges, who want to find the right college based on their budget and major.  
  • William Wagner, a junior studying microbiology, along with a small team of cyclists are participating in the Ulman Foundation’s 4k for Cancer fundraising ride this summer. The 4k for cancer program motivates individuals to raise money from donors to participate in the ride from Baltimore to San Francisco. Funds raised through the ride are donated to young people facing cancer and their families. Wagner’s team raised more than $60,000 during their cycling journey. 


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