In the Spotlight: Jan. 31- Feb. 4

Kudos to these faculty, staff, students and programs

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  • Kara Gibson, Nancy Johnson, Channing Laturno and Anita Antoninka were recently published in Trees, Forests, and People. Their publication, “Abundance of mites, but not of collembolans or nematodes, is reduced by restoration of a Pinus ponderosa forest with thinning, mastication, and prescribed fire,” focuses on the impacts of forest management on soil organisms.
  • NAU has been recognized in the 2022 US News Best Online Programs list. NAU ranked:
    • No. 59 in bachelor’s programs
    • No. 38 in bachelor’s programs for veterans
    • No. 51 in bachelor’s in business programs
    • No. 41 in bachelor’s in psychology programs
    • No. 87 in master’s in business programs (excluding MBA)
    • No. 37 in master’s in business programs for veterans (excluding MBA)
    • No. 93 in master’s in education programs
    • No. 25 in master’s in education programs for veterans
    • No. 65-85 in master’s in computer information technology programs
    • No. 82 in master’s in nursing programs
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