Help for Haiti: Latin American Studies promotes knowledge and aid

NAU’s Latin American Studies Committee presents “Haiti: History, Art, Politics, Language and the Earthquake of 2010,”a night of presentations, film and fundraising for the island nation at 7:30 p.m. March 11 in the Cline Library Assembly Hall.

In addition to presentations by local experts, there will be a 25-minute video, “Haiti: Inside a Failed State,” a film that chronicles the dire economic conditions in Haiti before the earthquake and explains their origins in the context of globalization.

Presenters include Susan Deeds, professor of Latin American history, Marc Matera, assistant professor of Atlantic world history, Jim Wilce, anthropology professor and specialist in linguistic anthropology, Greta Murphy, assistant professor of art history and art history program coordinator, and Mitch Askew, a graduate student majoring in history who has spent the last two summers in Haiti working with a non-profit organization.

There will also be opportunities to donate to Haitian relief efforts at the event, such as “The Religious of Jesus and Mary: Hearts for Haiti Building Project,” which funds food, water, shelter, and medicine; “Our Little Brothers and Sisters,” which maintains orphanages; and the Flagstaff group “Artists for Haiti,” which will sell artwork by local artists and donate the proceeds to HAS Haiti, a primary hospital for specialized surgery.

The event is free. For information, contact Kendra Moore at (928) 523-0064.