Grad students’ high-speed research presentations return

Presentation at 3MRP

Graduate students are being challenged to explain their thesis, dissertation, capstone research or creative work in a three-minute time span. Participants selected for the 3-Minute Research Presentation must distill months’ and years’ worth of research into palatable presentations suitable for a general audience.

The final competition of the 3MRP takes place on Monday, April 6, from 3:30-5:30 p.m. in Ashurst Auditorium.

“The 3MRP competition is designed to develop and celebrate the ability to communicate the significance of research or creative activity to people outside of the discipline,” said Maribeth Watwood, dean of the Graduate College. “We are so proud of all of this year’s participants, and it should be enjoyable and informative.”

The NAU community is encouraged to attend this free event to support graduates students and discover more about current research opportunities on campus.

RSVPs are requested to or by calling (928) 523-4338.