‘Gone With the Wind’ comes to campus

Gone with the wind poster

Get a good seat for Gone With the Wind, showing at 7 p.m. Tuesday, Feb. 12, during NAU’s Classic Film Series in the Cline Library Assembly Hall.

Directed by Victor Fleming in 1939, the 222-minute film won eight Academy Awards and is known for its use of color to enhance the production’s dramatic mood.

According to Joe Boles, director of the series, the use of color in the film is one of the most influential things about it.

“With Gone With the Wind, a new Hollywood was wiping out the old with new standards for cinematic realism, for epic scale, for production values and for Technicolor escapism,” Boles said. “Production designer William Menzies, more so than even the fabled actors, was the moving force for changing what we saw then to what we see in movies today.”

Before the film, professors Boles and Paul Helford will share more tidbits about the film’s production. They also raffle film collectables.

The film series is free and open to the public.