From Here documentary exploring immigration and belonging to screen in Arizona with director discussions 

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In April, as a prelude to its broadcast premiere on PBS, the documentary From Here will be touring Arizona along with the director for live screenings and discussions. Anti-immigrant politics are the source of painful divisions across communities within Arizona, making From Here, which captures four young people embroiled in a fight for belonging in an era of rising nationalism, an important film for discussion and viewing.  

From Here is a hopeful story of four artists and activists based in Berlin and New York whose lives and futures hang in the balance of immigration and integration debates. Director and producer Christina Antonakos-Wallace will present the film in person in Ajo, Tucson and Flagstaff. Protagonist Sonny Singh, a New York-based professional musician and activist who grew up in Phoenix, will attend the Ajo and Tucson Q&As virtually. 

The Flagstaff screening will take place at 4 p.m. on April 17, hosted by Northern Arizona University’s Latin American Studies program and co-hosted by The Martin Springer Institute and the Global Brigades student club. It will take place at the Science and Health Building (Bldg. #36), room 106. Robert Neustadt, professor in the Department of Global Languages and Cultures, will moderate the post-screening discussion with Antonakos-Wallace in person.  

Production of From Here spurred the development of the ongoing impact project With Wings and Roots. The initiative offers thorough immigration history timelines, workshops, 

As the U.S., Germany and many other countries grapple with racism, nationalism and a fight against diversity, From Here offers a fresh perspective on the issues of immigration and belonging. The film is an intimate yet epic look at the stories of four children of immigrants—Tania, Miman, Sonny and Akim. As they move from their 20s into their 30s, they face major turning points: fighting for citizenship, starting families and finding room for creative expression.  

Watch From Here trailer online.  

Filmed over a decade in two of the world’s largest immigration cities, the documentary captures their journeys as it seeks to define what it means to “belong” in societies that are increasingly hostile to immigrants.   

Arizona is a resonant place to screen and discuss From Here, as a border region that is incredibly divided about immigration. “We are humbled to partner with amazing Arizona activists,” Antonakos-Wallace said.  

From Here director and producer Christina Antonakos-Wallace and protagonist Sonny Singh are available for interviews. 

Christina Antonakos-Wallace  

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