Authority on African law to discuss international criminal court

Muna Ndulo

NAU’s African Student Association will present “Africa and the International Criminal Court: Challenges and Potentials,” a talk with Muna Ndulo.

Ndulo, the director of the Institute for African Development and professor of law at Cornell University, is an authority on African legal systems and human rights.

He has been an educator and integral leader in legal affairs in Zambia, South Africa, since the 1970s and spent a decade working with the United Nations. Currently, Ndulo is on the Advisory Committee for Human Rights Watch (Africa) and is a chairperson of the South African NGO, Gender Links.

Ndulo will speak from 7 to 9:30 p.m. Thursday, Nov. 4 in Ashurst Auditorium. The event is free.

For information contact Chiedza Denhere.