Interdisciplinary ways of addressing the climate crisis

A collage of desert land, farmland and ocean

The College of Arts and Letters is hosting The Climate Project, Peter Friederici and Gioia Woods, and interdisciplinary project aimed at addressing different aspects of the climate crisis.  

NAU will welcome a variety of speakers over the course of the Fall 2023 semester to address different elements of the climate crisis each week. The lectures are free and open to the public. 

Time: 4 p.m. 

Date: Every Wednesday starting Sept. 13 

Location: NAU campus, Health and Learning Center, room 3108 

Enjoy weekly lectures with experts like Frances Riemer (Women and Gender Studies), Kent Linthicum (Comparative Cultural Studies) and Alex Alvarez (Criminology and Criminal Justice) on topics ranging from the science of climate change to climate’s relation to the arts and gender. The project will focus on understanding different aspects of the climate crisis in order to empower listeners and encourage them to create a more resilient future. The course follows Friederici’s latest book, Beyond Climate Breakdown, and Brightside Books, located at 18 N. San Francisco St, has ordered extra copies to ensure that anyone who would like to participate is able to read along. The Climate Project emphasizes the notion that climate change cannot be solved by one person, but rather it can only be defeated by a collective effort.  

A list of all the Climate Project speakers

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