‘A River Reborn’ sets its course toward Flagstaff

a river reborn

A River Reborn: The Restoration of Fossil Creek, the film featuring NAU researchers who helped restore an Arizona creek to its natural flow, has set its course toward Flagstaff.

The film will be shown 4:25 p.m. Friday, March 7, during the Flagstaff Mountain Film Festival at the Orpheum Theater on 15 W. Aspen St.

“It’s not every day that you get to see an award-winning film that is NAU produced and stars lots of local folks, including NAU professors,” said Stefan Sommer, executive producer.

A River Reborn, shown across the PBS system in almost every state, has won awards in film festivals from Hollywood to Virginia Beach.

Sommer, along with NAU research film stars Jane MarksRod Parnell and Bruce Hungate, will discuss their Fossil Creek work during the festival.

The Flagstaff Mountain Film Festival is March 6-9. For information, go to www.RiverReborn.org or www.flagstaffmountainfilms.com/index.php.