NAU news
stacks of wood When trees needed to be cut down to accommodate a new Southwest Experimental Garden Array, instead of disposing of them, NAU partnered with Wood for Winter Warmth, a Sunnyside Neighborhood Association program that provides free firewood to elderly and low-income residents of northern Arizona. READ MORE
Mobile app brings real-time tracking to NAU shuttles2 August
NAU team facilitates joint agreement for cooperative stewardship of Canyon de Chelly31 July
One year in, NAU Teachers Academy educating students where they work and live31 July
Trash to treasure: NAU’s composting machine turning food waste into fertilizer (VIDEO)20 July
Summer Seminar Series logo placed over image of beach
Professors cover a wide breadth of topics, including international and American politics, environmental issues and advancements in virtual reality, in this series, which is open to the public. READ MORE
NAU holds annual Nighttime Safety Walk for students, faculty, staff11 October
Traditional versus electronic toys Anna SosaSosa: Trading electronics for traditional toys and books may boost early language development. Read More
One NAU expert’s opinion: What you should and should not be eating to be healthier colorful fruits and vegetablesNorthern Arizona University dietitian and health educator Megan Anderson breaks down new trends on what you should and should not try this year to help you be healthier. Read More
Examining female terrorists Lori Poloni StaudingerPoloni-Staudinger: Women terrorists capture attention because they clash with socially constructed perceptions. Read More