For Earth Month, be USEFULL!

Screenshot of USEFULL logo.

NAU is now home to a new way to reduce campus waste. The USEFULL program uses stainless steel containers and a digital tracking system to provide meals from campus restaurants without the accompanying waste of disposable containers. The Green Fund, which is providing financial backing for the program, anticipates that USEFULL will prevent about 25,000 pounds of single-use plastic from entering landfills in its first year.

Using USEFULL is easy:

  • Download the USEFULL app on your smartphone,
  • Purchase food from one of the participating campus dining locations (Lemon Grass Kitchen, Turnip the Greens or Cobrizo Mexican Grill), and
  • Scan the QR code on your container(s) when you check out.

Checking out a container works just like checking out a library book. You can keep your container for up to two days without being charged a late fee. (Leftovers!)

When finished with the containers, return them at one of several USEFULL return stations around campus, scanning your empty container and dropping them in the return bin.


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Jessica Clark | NAU Communications 



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