Workforce planning salary adjustments coming in January

PresidentĀ John HaegerĀ has announced that the university will proceed with salary adjustments for staff identified through the 2008-09 workforce planning process. The adjustments will take effect Jan. 12.

About $850,000 in salary increases will be distributed to nearly 300 classified staff and service professionals and will be reflected in Jan. 30 paychecks. Prior to January, the Department of Human Resources will inform the appropriate vice presidents, deans, directors and department heads of the approved salary changes, with subsequent notification to the affected employees.

“I am pleased to report that effective planning and budgeting allows the university to move forward on addressing critical compensation issues with staff, despite this challenging economic climate,” Haeger said.

Workforce planning establishes an annual window for the submission of reclassification and salary equity requests for classified staff and service professions. Workforce planning aligns with the university’s annual planning and budget cycle.