Why to give to United Way

Bryan Loveless

     By Bryan Loveless, ITS systems administrator and President’s United Way Council

Instead of a long narrative about how great United Way is, let me share with you the main six reasons I give:

  • Local donations: Not only does almost all of your donation go to help local community members, the donations are often matched by national donors. For every dollar you give, much more comes back to the community.
  • Donors decide where money is spent: Volunteers evaluate every dollar that is spent through United Way. Partner agencies have to have a plan and must stick to it in order to receive UW distributed money. If an agency doesn’t provide a service the community needs or can’t prove how it helped the community, they don’t receive any money.
  • Tax deductible/credits: Through the Arizona Charitable Tax Credit, formerly helping-the-working poor, the first $200-$400 is considered a tax credit, so it would cost you no more than if you didn’t give at all. Consult your tax advisor for details.
  • Easy to do: Payroll deduction makes donating and tax records easy to track. Checks, debit/credit cards and stock options are also welcome too, of course. One form per year with a few checkboxes is all that has to be done. You can even give to your favorite 501c3 organization through the form.
  • Meet interesting people: With membership in the Summit Society level of giving, I have met like-minded donors at some get-togethers in the community. I have enjoyed a few beverages and stories with county and city representatives, college and university presidents, business owners, professors and scientists, radio personalities, professional gardeners, public school administrators and all kinds of other people from all walks of life.
  • Feels good: I know it sounds crazy, and it is a hard thing to explain to others. Giving just a few bucks a week can greatly improve someone’s life, and that makes me feel better.

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