Weight management program looking for participants

The Health Psychology Center and Department of Psychology are seeking 24 men and women to participate in a weight management program. Groups will be organized by gender.

The NAU Weight Management Program is open to male and female faculty and staff who are at least 20 pounds overweight, have no serious illnesses, are able to participate in fitness walking geared to individual needs and are willing to make a weekly commitment lasting 10 weeks.

NAU graduate health clinicians will run the program, trained and supervised by clinical health psychologist Suzanne Daiss, director of the Health Psychology Center and faculty member of the department of psychology.

Participants will receive individual health and wellness assessments before and after the program consisting of an analysis of their diet, understanding their physical activity patterns, blood pressure monitoring, body mass index measure, waist measurements and self-reports of quality of life and general well being related to weight and overall health.

This program is a new approach to weight loss that focuses on making smaller, but more maintainable, lifestyle changes in physical activity and nutrition that result in slower, but more permanent, weight loss. The premise behind the program is to have people address the emotional/stress factors that affect their daily choices in activity and nutrition. There are no prescribed menus, forbidden foods or set exercise plans in the program.

The cost to participate in the 10-week program is $150, which includes the cost of program materials, calorie-counting resources, copies of weekly food records and a pedometer for tracking daily physical activity.

Group meetings are scheduled for 5:30 p.m. on Mondays starting Feb. 9.
Contact Julie Lambert at (928) 523-2161.