NAU implementing new virtual parking permit system

Parking lot

April 24, 2019

Northern Arizona University Transit Services (UTS) has announced that it will transition to a streamlined parking permit system that does away with windshield stickers, starting this fall.

Under the new virtual system, the permit holder’s license plate acts as the permit—there are no stickers to keep track of, no physical permits to lose, no replacement fees to pay. With the new system, UTS workers can digitally scan license plates and automatically check for permit compliance.

UTS officials said the change will make the parking permit system more efficient. Permit holders can manage parking accounts and add or deactivate license plate information for associated vehicles online, in real time, without having to move a sticker. For vehicles without a front license plate, permit holders will have the option to pay UTS a one-time fee for a parking plate to attach to the front of the car. (These plates are only necessary when vehicles are backed into a parking spot and the rear license plate is not visible.)

Two vehicles may still be registered to one parking permit and there will be no change in the citation and fine process. UTS will still offer a one-time ticket forgiveness option once per calendar year through successful completion of the Diversion Program—an alternative to paying a parking fine, the recipient of a parking citation may, within 14 calendar days of the citation’s issue date, email UTS to request the opportunity to complete the program. (Not all citations are eligible for this program.)

The new permits will be available beginning Aug. 1; current permits expire Aug. 14. Parking garages on campus will continue to use the permit sticker system with plans to upgrade to the virtual system next year. For more information, visit

Tallie Valverde