NAIPTA offers NAU employees rideshare option, saves commuters money and time

NAIPTA vanpool

What’s better than carpooling to work to save money? Putting the miles on someone else’s vehicle.

The Northern Arizona Intergovernmental Public Transportation Authority (NAIPTA), a transit agency that provides bus and shuttle services throughout Flagstaff including Northern Arizona University, now has a rideshare solution that can save commuters money and time.

NAIPTA’s Mountain Line Vanpool program functions like a carpool, but instead of using personal cars, vehicles are provided by NAIPTA via their partnership with Enterprise Rideshare. Participants are able to use the program’s partial subsidy from the Arizona Department of Transportation, as well as Enterprise’s vehicle maintenance and assistance with vanpool formation.

“This program is a great resource for faculty and staff at NAU,” said Erin Stam, director of parking and shuttle services. “The Vanpool program provides a great alternative transportation option that saves money and time. There’s no need to purchase a car, pay for gas, insurance or repairs. Sharing the ride allows folks to alternate drivers and relax when it’s not their turn to drive. It’s also a wonderful contribution to reducing our carbon footprint and helping the environment.”

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