Carpool to school: NAU University Transit Services promotes Mountain Line vanpool program

Mountain Line bus service logo

Do you commute more than 10 miles to get to Northern Arizona University? In an effort to reduce car congestion on campus and improve air quality, University Transit Services is promoting the Vanpool program offered by the Mountain Line bus service. Starting this month, Mountain Line is offering three free months to encourage individuals to enroll.

The vanpool program saves drivers money and wear and tear on their personal vehicles. The program is similar to carpooling, but Mountain Line provides the vanpool group with an SUV through their contractor Commute with Enterprise. This includes the vehicle lease, insurance, all maintenance to the vehicles and repairs. The group is only responsible for gas.

To learn more about the program, contact Estella Hollander, mobility planner at Mountain Line, by emailing or calling (928) 679-8959.