Upgraded ‘About NAU’ site launches

NAU's "about" page

NAU's "about" page

The “About NAU” section of the university’s website was recently upgraded to allow web visitors to access key information they need more quickly and easily.

The change—in which the site’s navigation and content were overhauled—was part of an EDEN initiative pilot program, according to Trey McCallie, university webmaster and EDEN program manager. The change was driven by research indicating that external web visitors felt that “About NAU” was a highly important part of the site, but that the existing content did not meet their needs.

“The ‘About’ part of our website receives a great deal of traffic, and findings from the recent web research project highlighted just how important that area is to prospective students and parents,” McCallie said.

Going forward, McCallie says that the goal is to take all parts of the university website through a similar content conversion process.

As part of the “About NAU” content conversion process, the university’s Points of Pride website also was revamped.