Update on GPS Success

During the first update period of the Grade Performance Status pilot, 157 instructors sent 4,020 GPS update emails to 2,931 students. The updates included positive feedback, academic concerns and links to web and campus resources designed to promote students’ academic success.

“We are extremely pleased. Our instructors were able to reach 51 percent of the students in the GPS pilot population in the first update,” said David Spivey, a coordinator at the Gateway Student Success Center.

“This first update period was designed to help students identify whether they needed to make changes to their course schedule,” Spivey explained.  “These personalized messages, as well as updates on grades and attendance, provided students with a snapshot of their current academic progress.”

The GPS pilot is a one-of-a-kind, multi-tiered guidance system that debuted this fall and was designed to promote students’ academic success and retention through faculty updates to students in Louie.

As early enrollment advising is occurring, advisers continue to receive feedback from students on their GPS updates.

“GPS provides plenty of ways for students to improve their study skills, goals, relationships and general well-being, which are all very important components to overall success in college,” said Christopher Bush, a freshman at NAU and part of the GPS student focus group.

GPS Period 2 opened Friday, Oct. 2 and closed Sunday, Oct. 11.

For information on the GPS program, click here.