United Way Summit Society leads way for positive community change

Dan Kain

By Dan Kain, Vice Provost for Academic Personnel

The year 2013 is one of “Imagineering” a stronger community through your support of the United Way of Northern Arizona.

Imagine that our children can go to school ready to learn and not hungry; imagine that families have a safe place to live; imagine that community members experiencing crises are able to regain and maintain good health and financial stability; imagine that substance abuse and underage drinking are reduced.

Now engineer and implement the strategies that can bring imagination and reality into alignment. The result is the work of the United Way of Northern Arizona, creating long-lasting changes by addressing the underlying causes of these problems.

On the front line of creating lasting change are the donors at the Summit Society level. Each of these members believes that the health of our northern Arizona community is worthy of a significant personal investment. These community leaders understand that they are advancing the common good by helping to create opportunities for a better life for all.

By donating $500 or more each year, Summit Society members provide the core of funding for the collaborations and initiatives within the key areas of education, income and health. A payroll contribution of only $19.24 per pay period, based on 26 pay periods, is $500.24.

For the first time, donating to the NAU United Way campaign is an electronic process. Make a few clicks, select your level of giving, and you become a part of the community of giving. If you prefer the paper form (especially for one-time gifts), you can also get a copy to print and complete at the same link. Send your form to the Office of the President, Box 4092.