Reminder: NAU is now tobacco-free

Tobacco-free NAU Fresh Air is on the Horizon

Tobacco-free NAU Fresh Air is on the Horizon
The campus and community are reminded that Northern Arizona University’s tobacco-free policy┬áis now in effect.

The student-driven policy supports a healthy learning and working environment for all.

It prohibits the use of all tobacco products, including e-cigarette devices, on campus.

“Staff, students and faculty have a powerful role to play in ensuring the success of the new policy,” said Melissa Griffin, NAU health promotion manager. “While most people may feel hesitant approaching someone who is using tobacco, it is important that we all provide a kind and supportive reminder to others who may not be aware of the policy.”

All members of the campus community are encouraged to use the SMOKE method to help spread the word whenever they see someone using tobacco on campus.


  1. Smile and introduce yourself
  2. Make the assumption the person is not aware of the policy
  3. Offer information about the tobacco-free policy and quit resources
  4. Kindly enforce the policy by asking them not to use tobacco on campus
  5. Express thanks for complying with the policy

“While the new policy does not require that anyone quit tobacco, we do recognize that it is an incredibly difficult habit to break,” Griffin said. For anyone interested in quitting, a variety of quit resources are available and can be found on the tobacco-free website at