Teens to learn about the maze of life’s choices

Helping teens find their way through the maze of life’s challenges is the idea behind Teen Maze, an experiential health-education event coming to the du Bois Center ballroom from April 23-25.

Brought to campus by collaboration between the Coconino County Health Department and NAU’s Department of Health Sciences, the maze illustrates the potential effects of life’s choices to high school students.

Teens navigate through a maze by drawing cards or spinning a wheel that create different scenarios for them. The maze is health focused and tackles such issues as sexual behavior, drug and tobacco use, and exercise and dietary habits. The aim of the program is to help teens understand the consequences of risky choices.

Students from the Health Sciences Department helped organize the event and will be involved in the interactive activities offered as focus areas throughout the maze.

“When you walk in and see the maze, it really is an impressive thing,” said Ellen Larson, a health sciences instructor. “If we can tap into the different ages and the different stages that youth go through, we can engage the youth and promote community health and well-being. That is what is most important.”

She said the one-on-one interaction with NAU students and Flagstaff area youth strengthens any health-related messages.

The event is free and open to the public from 5-7:30 pm. April 23.

For information, call Allie Stender-Mrazek at the Coconino County Health Department at (928) 522-7816.