Take some credit for making a difference

Dan Kain

          By Dan Kain, Vice Provost for Academic Personnel

On Wednesday, the board of directors for the United Way of Northern Arizona voted to send an additional $50,000 to the Flagstaff Family Food Center Food Bank and Kitchen. The United Way recognized a gap in meeting the needs of our community, and the generous donations of committed individuals made it possible for the board to act.

NAU employees also have the opportunity to act—to help our community through the work of the United Way.

As the largest employer in the region, NAU contributes much to the stability of northern Arizona, and our participation in the annual United Way drive helps move forward the work to improve health, education and income in the region.

One option that the United Way of Northern Arizona provides is for you to designate your contribution to go to “Working Poor.” If you meet state tax filing qualifications, contributions up to $400 per couple ($200 for an individual) designated for the working poor may be fully refunded to you through a tax credit against any Arizona tax liability you may have. It’s a contribution that could cost you nothing, but pay big benefits here in our community.

You should check with your tax adviser about your eligibility to claim the tax credit.

And if you designate the $400 to the working poor, only an additional $100 (or more) donation, designated in any way, qualifies you for recognition as a member of United Way of Northern Arizona’s Summit Society. Of course, any additional amount is also deductible on your state taxes.

What a great way to maximize your support of our community and minimize your cost! To make your pledge electronically, visit nau.edu/United-Way/GiveNow/ ; you can also download a form to make a one-time contribution.

Last year, the United Way of Northern Arizona and its partner agencies served more than 100,000 hot meals in our region. Please consider supporting the community-building work of United Way. Help us show that NAU also lives united.