Take a trip through time with prof’s new book

Ancient Landscapes: Colorado Plateau

Ron Blakey brings the geology of Colorado Plateau down to earth in a new book.

Blakey, an NAU geology professor, and geologist Wayne Ranney, have writtenAncient Landscapes of the Colorado Plateau, an easy-to-understand showcase of the sedimentary, igneous and metamorphic rock roughly centered on the Four Corners area.

“The Colorado Plateau has world-class fossils and I saw a need for an overview of the geographic record that everyone could enjoy,” Blakey said.

Blakey, who spent about 20 years creating maps of the region, shares them in the guide-like book. It features 70 maps that illustrate environmental shifts, cultural happenings and directions to archaeological sites and spectacular rocks.

More than 100 photographs by Blakey and Ranney accompany an accessible text that explains the area’s history. Topics include dinosaur fossils that are hundreds of millions of years old, or the far-reaching sand dune landscape that carries water through the vast region.

“We don’t have an ancient photography record, but the integrity of the Colorado Plateau’s story is locked up in the rock record,” Blakey said. “It allows us to interpret the ancient landscapes.”

Published by the Grand Canyon Association in fall 2008, Blakey said Ancient Landscapes is heading into its second printing.

For information go to grandcanyon.org.