Deadline nears for Sustainable Leadership Awards nominations

March 28, 2019

The Environmental Caucus at Northern Arizona University works to promote conservation education, innovative research and sustainable operations in relation to their commitment to a green campus. Each year, individuals who have made tremendous efforts toward their own green initiatives are recognized through the Sustainable Leadership Awards—and someone you know could be the next recipient!

The deadline for nominations for the Sustainable Leadership Awards is April 3. Categories include NAU Graduate Student, NAU Undergraduate Student, NAU Project/Organization, NAU Faculty, NAU Staff, NAU Leadership Award and Flagstaff Community Project/Organization.

Nominations are open to anyone of the NAU or Flagstaff community, though nominees should have undertaken actions that result in a positive impact toward the local community and recognize the objective of the Environmental Caucus mission: enhance the stability, resilience and diversity of our intertwined natural, social, economic and cultural systems.

To find the online nomination form or for more information on the Sustainable Leadership Awards, visit Any questions should be directed to