Super-size your memory during summer session

How-to-Remember-Almost-AnythingNot only does the brain’s ability to recall information make us who we are, it also plays a critical role in helping achieve goals throughout our lives.

Northern Arizona University researcher and professor of psychology Michelle Miller is teaching students how to use research-based strategies and techniques to remember almost anything.

Starting June 6, the three-credit online course developed and led by Miller will teach powerful study strategies as well as techniques to handle everyday memory challenges. The course titled Building Memory Power is open to students and auditing community members and will run for five weeks.

“We’re excited to put brain and memory system research findings to good use by incorporating them in the curriculum in applied ways,” Miller said. “Students will not only learn how to master proven memory techniques, they will also invent and test their own memory strategies.”

Enrollees will:

  • Learn about how the mind takes in and stores information
  • Practice using systems for remembering names, vocabulary, to-do lists and more
  • Learn about how memory champions perform amazing feats, and how to adapt their techniques.

To enroll in the course, go to