In NAU’s summer term, classic to inventive classes offer something for everyone

From finding meaning in a pandemic, to brewing beer or learning at a youth camp about how the Grand Canyon was formed, it’s easy to get ahead or try something new at NAU this summer.

Students and non-students can choose from more than 940 classes, with almost 3,000 sections offered online. Classes are offered with structured or flexible formats and they start at multiple times.

“Not only do students have more summer classes to choose from than ever before, non-students can easily enhance their lives,” said Gayla Stoner, vice provost of Online Learning. “Students will benefit from quality educational experiences aligned to apply new skills to current workplace opportunities.”

New this summer:

Intro to Brewing Science: A minicourse in the alchemy of brewing and fermentationBeer in a glass on a counter

An introductory course featuring the fundamentals of beer production, fermentation, brewing microbiology and beverage sensory best practices. Learn from four experienced lecturers about brewing and fermentation science in a class that pulls together biology, chemistry and engineering.

FYS 141: Meaning-Making in a Pandemic

University communities offer great insight into how to personally and socially build meaningful lives—especially in times of difficulty and confusion. This course gives students an interdisciplinary lens on life during a pandemic.

NAU:199 Exlore the NAU Experience

Students new to NAU can get a jump-start on the college experience with NAU199. Designed to increase student success, the class focuses on learning valuable skills for academic success while introducing students to campus, instructors, community and to the beauty of northern Arizona.

Featured Virtual NAU Camps for young adults

The World of Olympians: Myths, Monsters, Gods, and Heroes (Ages 9-13)Ancient Greece

Experienced NAU instructors lead students on an exploration into Greek mythology. Students are introduced to the field of classical studies, especially ancient Greek language, mythology, history and art. 

Formation of the Grand Canyon (Grades 8-12)

Middle and high-school students delve into learning about the two-billion year geologic history revealed in Grand Canyon landscapes. The canyon’s natural resources and cultural influences are discovered via discussion, video, exploration through virtual field trips, written reflections and a final project.

Sea Level Rise on the California Coast (Grades 8-12)

The geology and ocean currents influencing sea level along California’s coast come into focus as this experience correlates the relevance of sea level rise to human and animal behavior. Students learn why sea level is rising and how to measure the change and its effects on local ecosystems and human communities. Delivered with discussion, video, exploration through virtual field trips, written reflections and a final project.

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