Summer brings a change, but not a stop, to campus activity of all sorts

University Union

Even after spring commencement, the Northern Arizona University campus continues to hum—sometimes amidst a little noise and dust—to the activity of construction, renovation, summer school courses, continued research activity, policy and planning work, camps and tours.

City streets aren’t the only places where construction and repair pops up throughout the summer, as NAU uses the less populated time of year on campus to address critical infrastructure projects. Projects along the pedway and on south campus will see a flurry of activity, including the ongoing work with our private partner American Campus Communities for additional student housing at SkyView which will open Fall 2017.

Administrators are evaluating the recently passed state budget, which contains initial reinvestments in NAU and requires several expenditure plans and reports. The quest for efficiencies continues, as does the search for high-quality hires to fill open positions as NAU creates new opportunities and says goodbye to those entering retirement.

As announced early this spring, the Extended Campuses enterprise is under review as a team works to prepare options for consideration in addressing opportunities and challenges. NAU’s Extended Campuses efforts address a critical portion of NAU’s accessibility and affordability mission. Campus forums with faculty from every college as well as several other campus constituencies have been held to gather input and to share issues and ideas. This dedicated team continues its work of discussion, research, and outreach reviewing historical practices and researching modern best practices. Recommendations and options will be presented in the fall.

With the departure of Dean Banks from University College, immediate attention will be given to establishing a more integrated university model to expand student support and retention. These changes will further advance university efforts to meet ABOR 2025 goals and the changing workforce needs of Arizona.

Summer school and summer camps keep campus lively, as do tours of prospective students and parents, with individuals of all ages enjoying everything NAU and Flagstaff have to offer. Thousands of graduates have moved on, and many thousands of aspiring graduates have launched their summer plans, but the work at NAU continues. Change and vitality is an exciting part of the university campus and we embrace it year-round!