Reflecting on NAU’s first Student Service Day

Students doing cleanup

By Brendan Trachsel

Vice chair of the ASNAU Senate

This Friday, I walked onto the north quad to more than 100 students ready to serve their community. I really did not know how many people would come but was ecstatic to see that students were willing to give up their Friday afternoon for a great cause. I am proud that NAU’s value of service has remained strong through the uncertainties of the pandemic.

As someone who has been involved with student organizations my entire time at NAU, creating a positive college experience for everyone is incredibly important to me. Admittedly, our focuses usually do not go further than the students. That is why I was so excited for the opportunity to serve our greater community.

As I have spent more time in Flagstaff, my feeling of belonging has spread beyond the boundaries of campus and into the community at large. With this greater belonging came a feeling of responsibility. Our university has been a part of most of Flagstaff’s history, and while there are ups and downs, the need for shared stewardship has remained the same.

This Service Day is a necessary first step in building new bridges, and I am ecstatic that over 100 students took time out of their Friday to serve. I look forward to next year, and am ecstatic to see what new partnerships students, staff, and faculty build with the community!

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Students gather on Student Service Day

Students picking up trash

Students picking up trash

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