Spring undergraduate enrollment grows


Spring semester enrollment at Northern Arizona University in 2012 increased 1.6 percent from the previous spring, bringing the total student population to 23,771.

The number of students on the Flagstaff campus—16,512—increased 2.4 percent from spring 2011.

“Students and their parents see the value of an education at Northern Arizona University,” said NAU President John Haeger. “NAU continues to adapt to the needs of today’s students and expects to keep growing.”

In fall 2011, NAU broke yet another enrollment record with 25,364 students university-wide. Enrollment in spring usually declines slightly.

Colleges that grew compared with the previous spring include the College of Engineering, Forestry and Natural Sciences, which rose to 5,108 students; Health and Human Services; and Social and Behavioral Sciences.

Enrollment in online education reached 3,282, an increase of 401 students from spring 2011.

A spring-to-spring comparison also reveals increases in diversity, with more Latino and international students enrolled.

The number of students in master’s and Ph.D. programs slipped from 4,719 to 4,293.

View the complete enrollment report on the Planning, Budget and Institutional Effectiveness website.