Spotlight 8-2-2006

  •  Edith Copley, professor of music and director of Choral Studies at NAU, was one of two conference headliners for the Australian National Choral Association Conference in Hobart, Tasmania, in early July.Choral directors from all the Australian states attended this national conference where Copley presented two plenary sessions: “Mirror, Mirror on the Wall: A New Look at Conducting Gesture,” and “The Power of Words: Diction Issues to Improve Vowel Uniformity and Intonation.” Copley also led masterclasses in conducting, and conducted rehearsals and two performances with the Australian National Girl’s Honor Choir.

    Copley will return to Australia in May with the members of NAU’s Shrine of the Ages Choir, which will give three performances in New Zealand, as well as concerts in Sydney and Melbourne.


  • Nick Lund, professor emeritus and former executive director at NAU-Yuma, with co-authors Peter Kranz, Sylvia Rameriz, and Richard Steele at the University of Texas Pan American, had an article, “Challenges of Teaching an Experiential Course in Racial Understanding,” published in the Summer 2006 (vol. 126, #4) issue of Education.


  • Rachel Schowalter, who earned her NAU bachelor’s degree in microbiology and chemistry in 2003, co-authored an article, “Rho GTPase activity modulates paramyxovirus fusion protein-mediated cell-cell fusion,” that was published in Virology.