Spotlight 1-20-2010

socrates textbook
  • George Rudebusch, chair of philosophy, had his book, Socrates, published by Wiley-Blackwell & Sons.
    “Plato’s dialogues tell a story about Socrates’ life, focusing on his conversations about human excellence from age 36 to age 70,” Rudebusch said.  “The book defends the wild conclusions Socrates reaches in his arguments, such as: we who lack expertise at making ourselves happy are guilty of the worst sort of negligence if we do not spend our lives trying to discover that expertise—better not to live at all!”
  • Matt Casado, professor of Hotel and Restaurant Management, had the article “Assessment of Higher Education Hospitality Programs” published in Florida International University’s Hospitality Review Journal. The paper proposes a method to formulate assessment in higher education professional programs.
  • Karina Collentine, assistant professor of Spanish in the Department of Modern Languages, published “Learner Use of Holistic Language Units in Multimodal, Task-Based Synchronous Computer-Mediated Communication” in Language Learning and Technology. Collentine studies the discourse-pragmatic and sociocultural behaviors learners use in task-based Spanish activities that are technology based.